This is a project!

A project about love. A project about fear. A project about parents. A project about children. A project about culture. A project about education. A project about stories. A project about humans. A project about life,  A project about the most important thing in your life.  A project about people who you love and vice versa: A project about families.

We all have a family. Sometimes we have a good one, sometimes not. Families are the foundation of your life. We need them, we want them and sometimes we have them. I personally never had a family. I have been grown up in a children's home. I had people around me who went with me. Yes some of them were and are really great. Of course i have friends - yes, the absolute best in the world - but it is not like the same. It is not like having a real family.

With this project i want to explore the world of families, parents, children's, their differences and similarities. What they call a family and how they see themselves as a loved community. Families with adopted children, without children, remarried, divorced , patch-work, homosexual, single parent, where the parents are grandma or grandpa. Families who needed help and brought their Life to an enjoyable situation and those who couldn't. Families who are situated well and those who are fighting with mental illness.